• Stefan Thompson

Make it memorable

Since childhood we have been told stories. Some stay with us forever and when we grow up we share them with our own children.

The same can be said about brand videos. Remember the gorilla playing the drums in the Cadbury advert? Or going back further, the old man walking up the hill with his loaf of bread.

People are at the heart of a good message as they are in any business. Stories are how we share emotions together. How often do you show your friends a video that you loved.

Have a think about your own brand’s story. It could be how you started or how the people in your business connect with your customers.

We’ve always enjoyed working with companies that create a sense of community as filmmaking itself is a very collaborative effort and we like to feel like a partner rather than someone providing a service.

Here are some of my favourite adverts I’ve always remembered. See if they inspire you to come up with your own ideas.

BARCLAYS (Samuel L Jackson)





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