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How to pick the right video company for you

Video production is a highly effective marketing tool and can produce a great return on investment but picking the wrong video company can prove a costly mistake.

We like to see a project as a partnership, not a transaction. We might not be the best fit for your company or you for ours but either way we’d like to help you make a decision that saves you wasting time and money.

What do they specialise in?

Those companies that specialise in 10 different things don’t really specialise in anything at all. If you own a restaurant, choose a company that knows how to showcase food. If you speak at conferences, choose a company that specialises in live events. A true specialist will speak your language and be able to know how to maximise results effectively.

Ask a company about their process.

A company without a process can’t possibly begin to understand how to create something special for you. If they don’t plan and converse with you to find out who your audience is, where they can be targeted and how video fits into your marketing plan, you could be wasting your time and money. The best looking video in the world will fall flat if it’s shown to the wrong audience and who knows your customers better than you. We’ve turned down projects with companies who don’t want to plan their video first because you can’t create a successful video without first understanding the who what when where and why.

Have a budget in mind and be honest about what you want to achieve

You will probably find not many companies can pluck a figure out of the air for you as video production is a very bespoke service. For example we try to work to a range of budgets and we line itemise everything to give you an idea of where your money is going. In a meeting if your video sounds like it needs 2 days planning, 3 days of filming and 5 days of editing we will provide a cost breakdown for that to show you each individual cost. If that doesn’t fit your budget we will work with you to see where we can save you time and money. Every item has a cost but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an effective video if your budget is on the lower end. Be more aware of a company that 'can' give you an instant figure before they fully understand what you are trying to achieve. It is best for both parties to understand the project.

Finally, and something we love to do...

Meet people first. Whether it is a face to face meeting or a video call. Get to know who you might be working with. We’ve had meetings run for 2 hours because we’ve enjoyed a conversation with someone new. You might be working with this person or team for a while so make sure you click straight away.

To start a conversation with us click our content page and we can arrange a time suited to you.

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