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Our Story


Vanguard Film began when two people Stefan and Simon were sat in a kitchen at a feature film wrap party just after leaving University. The topic of conversation was ‘Why is it so hard to find a job related to our degree?’ Then the brain wave occurred. Let’s start our own company. Stefan being bold with decisions and living 150 miles away said we can rent a house and start up. Simon being bored with living at home at the age of 21 jumped at the idea. 

But renting a place as two people was too expensive so they decided to ask their friend Andrew to move in....

and we became a three

So we all went to the bank for a £15,000 loan.


And we got it


Fast forward a decade and we’ve been incredibly lucky to travel the country, work in Europe and create our own filmmaking course aimed at teaching the new wave of students how to create with a camera.


With a team of dedicated freelancers across Lincolnshire and Greater Manchester we can offer our clients a variety of solutions for their video marketing